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The Battle of Dragard Mine | New Adventure for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Magazine)

The dwarves digging in Dragard were quite surprised to discover an ancient temple within the gold-bearing mines. However, their lust for wealth urged them forward, and instead of retreating as they should have, they placed themselves in even greater danger. The body of a long-dead demi-goddess rests in the ancient prison, and there are many […]

Mind Flayer Template | Monster for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

The biggest pain in the ass with converting Third Edition stuff into Fifth Edition stuff is that Third Edition was all about monsters having class levels. Fifth not-so-much. Case in point, I’m trying to convert the old Spiral of Manzessine adventure from Dungeon #94, and it’s got a shit ton of mindflayers with class levels […]

3 New A-Hole Monsters to Torment Your Players With | Monsters for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

There are a few monsters in Dungeons & Dragons whose existence serves to only torment players. Whether it’s a monster disguised as a treasure chest (mimics!), or monsters that drop from the ceilings (piercers), or monsters that eat through metal (rust monsters!), let’s face it: these things don’t make evolutionary sense. Obviously, they’re the machinations […]

How to Create an Elite Humanoid in Fifth Edition | Monster Workshop with DM Dave

Recently, I showed you all how to make a cool, new monster variant in 15 minutes or less. And many of you shared that enjoyed it. So thank you so much! This time, I’d like to dive into how to make an elite version of a monster. What is an elite monster? An elite monster […]

Cloaker Variants for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

The cloaker is a cool monster. Basically, it’s a giant, talking manta ray that pretends to be a coat. They’re chaotic neutral, too, which means they kinda just want to do their own thing and be left alone. What really makes them bizarre, I feel, is that they look like bestial predators, have fluff that […]

Beholder, Abretheghals | New Monster for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Imagine if your nightmares came to life. Any of them. How pleasant would it be to wake up and find yourself face-to-face with whatever stress-generated phantasm your mind concocted while you were unconscious? Imagine some ghoul that looks like you, naked, with all its teeth falling out. Perhaps your mind would create childhood embarrassments given […]

Trash Goblins for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Goblins aren’t well-loved in the world. So it’s no surprise that many take to garbage heaps to hide and build a new way-of-life for themselves. Over the years, these “trash goblins” (they hate that term, by the way) have developed a culture that revolves around refuse. It’s in the waste of other humanoids they find […]

Junk Golems for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

While raggamoffyns are created by magical waste and happenstance, junk golems are the result of alchemy, engineering, and a twisted sense of imagination. These constructs are often found near waste disposal sites or near battlefields where scrap material is easy to come by. No two junk golems look the same, but they do share a […]

Ragewinds for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Also called sword spirits, a ragewind is the embodied wrath of dead warriors who perished in useless battles. They are usually found in the most volatile and violent of the Outer Planes, but a few sometimes escape to wander the Material Plane as well. On rare occasions, ragewinds form on the Material Plane at the […]

Nothic Ingester for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Some nothics, driven by an overwhelming compulsion to reconnect to magic–even if they aren’t quite sure why–take to desperate measures. Usually, this results in a lot of dead nothics. But sometimes, it creates potent aberrants, more horrible and weirder than the original nothic ever was. Nothic ingesters are created when a nothic consumes a great […]