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Patreon Request Monsters Part 2/2 | New Monsters for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Preview)

In July, I offered up free monster requests to all my patrons which would appear in BroadSword Monthly #2. And boy did they deliver! Here are those monsters. If you’d like to see your requests made by DMDave, join up as a patron. It’s only $3 to become a member and there’s always a special theme each […]

Baazrags (Dark Sun) | 3 New Monsters for Fifth Edition

In the broken crags and tiny caves of the barrens live the timid baazrag. Two feet long or less, it is one of the smallest omnivores in the stoney barren regions. The baazrag’s face is protected by a bony covering that reaches down either side of the head and across the nose, with holes for […]

Dark Sun Bestiary (Part 5: Monsters of the Verdant Belt 1/4) | New Monsters for Fifth Edition

The Dark Sun bestiary conversion continues. Currently, I’m working through the MC12: The Dark Sun Monstrous Compendium – Terrors of the Desert. Specifically, I’m dividing the creatures up by the random encounter tables. First, are the monsters of the verdant belts. Verdant Belts Athas is an arid world, but it is not entirely waterless. In […]

Sanguine Ape and Swarm of Monkeys | New Monsters for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Coming up at the end of February, I’ll be launching two cool books for Patrons. These books will be available here on the site as well as FREE in their blog format as usual. The first book will be an adventure set in the Patron-created world of Wandrossa. While it’s still in the works (and […]

3 New A-Hole Monsters to Torment Your Players With | Monsters for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

There are a few monsters in Dungeons & Dragons whose existence serves to only torment players. Whether it’s a monster disguised as a treasure chest (mimics!), or monsters that drop from the ceilings (piercers), or monsters that eat through metal (rust monsters!), let’s face it: these things don’t make evolutionary sense. Obviously, they’re the machinations […]

4 Monsters by Jack: Room-Sized Mimics, Giant Snakes, Haunted Books, and Worms!

My six-year-old son Jack helps me come up with cool monster ideas. Here’s 5 I love: a room-sized mimic, a giant snake that golins can ride, a haunted book that creates ghosts from its pages, and a swarm of blood-sucking worms. Check ’em out!

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