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How to Create a D&D Monster for Fifth Edition in 15 Minutes or Less

Occasionally, I get folks on Instagram and Facebook asking me how to create a D&D monster for Fifth Edition. Of course, the Dungeon Master’s Guide outlines how to do just that on pages 273 – 283. But for some that can be a little overwhelming. And there are lots of little rules that are easy […]

Athach | New Monster for Fifth Edition

The athach is a hulking, misshapen biped. Its flabby, pear-shaped body has a third arm growing from its chest. Immensely strong, an athach can hammer most opponents to gory paste. An athach has a wide, slobbering mouth. Curving tusks like a boar’s jut from its lower jaw. Its other teeth are small and peglike. It […]

Aranea | New Monster for Fifth Edition

The aranea is an intelligent, shapechanging spider with sorcerous powers. In its natural form, an aranea resembles a large spider. Its body is 3 feet across, its legs span 7 feet, and it weighs about 150 pounds. An odd-shaped lump on its back houses its brain. A pair of mandibles sprout from the front of […]

Dwarven Wardogs | Monsters for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

This is a request I got a while back that I’m finally able to get to making (sorry for the delay, Graham). Graham’s request is simple: “A genetically superior hellhound bred for battle.” Graham expanded on the idea on Instagram: “What would a war dog be like? In the world I’m building, the dwarves of […]

3 New A-Hole Monsters to Torment Your Players With | Monsters for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

There are a few monsters in Dungeons & Dragons whose existence serves to only torment players. Whether it’s a monster disguised as a treasure chest (mimics!), or monsters that drop from the ceilings (piercers), or monsters that eat through metal (rust monsters!), let’s face it: these things don’t make evolutionary sense. Obviously, they’re the machinations […]

How to Create an Elite Humanoid in Fifth Edition | Monster Workshop with DM Dave

Recently, I showed you all how to make a cool, new monster variant in 15 minutes or less. And many of you shared that enjoyed it. So thank you so much! This time, I’d like to dive into how to make an elite version of a monster. What is an elite monster? An elite monster […]

Flesh Jelly, Lesser | A New Monster for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

A flesh jelly is a nauseating mound of stinking flesh that gorges itself on any creatures unfortunate enough to cross its path. These ravenous oozes are usually found in tropical regions. A flesh jelly is a blob of soft, fleshy tissue surrounded by a filthy membrane composed of skin, hair, and fur. When it moves, […]

Beholder, Abretheghals | New Monster for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Imagine if your nightmares came to life. Any of them. How pleasant would it be to wake up and find yourself face-to-face with whatever stress-generated phantasm your mind concocted while you were unconscious? Imagine some ghoul that looks like you, naked, with all its teeth falling out. Perhaps your mind would create childhood embarrassments given […]

Trash Goblins for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Goblins aren’t well-loved in the world. So it’s no surprise that many take to garbage heaps to hide and build a new way-of-life for themselves. Over the years, these “trash goblins” (they hate that term, by the way) have developed a culture that revolves around refuse. It’s in the waste of other humanoids they find […]

Junk Golems for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

While raggamoffyns are created by magical waste and happenstance, junk golems are the result of alchemy, engineering, and a twisted sense of imagination. These constructs are often found near waste disposal sites or near battlefields where scrap material is easy to come by. No two junk golems look the same, but they do share a […]