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Blood Magic | New Spells for Fifth Edition

The following spell lists show which spells can be cast by characters of each class. A spell’s school of magic is noted in parentheses. If a spell can be cast a ritual, the ritual attack also appears in the parentheses. Blood Sense Divination cantrip Casting Time: 1 action Range: Touch Components: M (a drop of […]

The Demons of Hell | New Monsters for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Preview)

This article is part of the Monster Hunters series that will appear in BroadSword Monthly. If you’d like a preview of additional content, be sure to check out the Monster Hunter material on my Patreon. In some cosmologies, demons are malevolent spirits from Hell that act the direct opposites to angels. These demons are created from human souls (petitioners) that have […]

The Nightmare Beast (Dark Sun) | New Monster for Fifth Edition

With a disposition as bad as its reputation, it’s no wonder that a nightmare beast spreads terror wherever it goes. A nightmare beast stands at least 20 feet tall on its four legs. Each of its digits is tipped with a 3-foot-long claw. Its jaws are filled with 1-foot-long teeth and flanked by curved tusks […]

Athasian Gith (Dark Sun) | New Monsters for Fifth Edition plus 4 New Spells

The gith are a race of grotesque humanoids that appear to be a peculiar mixture of elf and reptile. They are extremely gaunt and lanky, with long gangling arms and spindly legs. Their hands three fingers with no opposable thumb, yet they are able to use tools and wield weapons. Both their fingers and toes […]

Evadimus’ School for Gifted Spellcasters Appendix | New Campaign Setting for Fifth Edition

This article is a preview for the content in BroadSword Monthly #1, due out in August. Learn more about BroadSword Monthly #1 (and get 10% off the price!) Wizard Arcane Traditions When a wizard reaches 2nd level, it chooses an arcane tradition. The following options are available to a wizard in addition to those normally offered: Wizard […]

Magic in Athas (Dark Sun) | Player Guide for Fifth Edition

Continuing my series on Dark Sun, it’s time to examine the magic of Athas. Magic used on Athas is shaped and molded by the harsh realities of that world. The influences of foul defilers, the valiant efforts of preserves, and the corrupt researches of sorcerer-kings have left their mark upon the wizard’s trade. This chapter highlights important differences between […]

[Gods of Wandrossa] Basic powers

In the Gods of Wandrossa revamp, I set up the godly alignments so that they each offered set powers at the 1st through 5th levels. This article will define those powers. The powers are listed in alphabetical order. Bless 3rd-level good power Implementation Time: 1 action Target: 1 settlement Duration: a number of days equal […]

[Gods of Wandrossa] Divine Powers – Part One

Here are the rough rules for the Powers system in the Gods of Wandrossa mini-game. I’ve adapted Chapter 10 of the PHB and cut out whatever was unnecessary. Power Levels Each power has a level from 1 to 9. A power’s level is a general indicator of how powerful it is. The higher a power’s […]

[Gods of Wandrossa] Revamped God Ranks, Alignments, and Powers

As I’ve been working my way through the different domains in the Gods of Wandrossa campaign setting, it occurred to me that I might be spinning my wheels on the wrong stuff. After doing a few surveys over on Patreon, I got a couple ideas for totally revamping the system for gods. Instead of tying […]

Evil Hand | New Spell for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Lately, I’ve been working on a bevy of subclasses that seem have somewhat of an evil bent to them. So today, I announced my on Patreon that I’m going to be creating a mini-player option book called EVIL (yes, in all caps). This book will include all the subclasses I’ve been creating lately in their […]

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