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Tatterdemanimal Raggamoffyns for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition

Raggamoffyns are mysterious constructs composed of animated scraps and bits of cloth, metal, or other refuse from civilized societies, particularly those where magic is common. Raggamoffyns tend to cluster together, operating as much in secret as possible, taking control of selected hosts to further their agendas. Unlike other constructs, a raggamoffyn is not the result […]

Ragewinds for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Also called sword spirits, a ragewind is the embodied wrath of dead warriors who perished in useless battles. They are usually found in the most volatile and violent of the Outer Planes, but a few sometimes escape to wander the Material Plane as well. On rare occasions, ragewinds form on the Material Plane at the […]

Pigpeople for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Some time ago, hags learned that basic mercenaries don’t always cut it. They’re lazy, stupid, and often poorly trained. If anything, they can be a real burden on a coven’s operation. “More trouble than they’re worth!” quite a few hags have noted. Fortunately, Mama Jeejee, one of the oldest and cleverest wart-faced witches there ever […]

Free Adventure: Zoglagomerfn’s Hide Away for 5e D&D (3-5 9th Level Characters)

Zoglagomerfn was a grumpy old beholder that mostly stayed out of other folks’ businesses. But unfortunately for the old eye tyrant, someone recently put a pricey bounty on beholder heads. Soon after the news came out, a group of adventurers stormed her cave and put her down. Of course, those who paid for ol’ Zog’s […]

Nothic Ingester for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Some nothics, driven by an overwhelming compulsion to reconnect to magic–even if they aren’t quite sure why–take to desperate measures. Usually, this results in a lot of dead nothics. But sometimes, it creates potent aberrants, more horrible and weirder than the original nothic ever was. Nothic ingesters are created when a nothic consumes a great […]

Shreyas for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

In the dark parts of the world where few dare to travel there are all sorts of hungry horrors lurking and waiting. Of course, the only thing worse than the monsters themselves are the creatures who’ve adapted to being around such monstrosities. Such is the case with the strange humanoid race known as shreyas. Also […]

Black Ichor of the Iron Obelisk

The Iron Obelisk weeps in near silence – the pools of ichor growing around it, fed by its melancholy nature. The ichors seep down and flow where underground waters should, tainting the darkness with the ennui and melancholy of the pillar of iron. This is a 5e Dungeons and Dragons adventure for 3-5 characters of 7th level.

Populating the Dyson Mega-Delve Part 2: The Hematite Mines

This is the second part of the “Populating the Dyson Mega-Delve” series. In each session, I’m taking Dyson Logos’ Mega-Delve and filling it with my own monsters, traps, and diversions. Here’s what this edition covers: A recap of The Dwarven Outpost encounters. Introduction to Dyson Logos’ Mega-Delve map: the Hematite Mines What we learned from […]

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