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Bemphuth | New Monster for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

I love open-ended requests, especially when it’s a monster. It lets me be creative. For example, I just got this request from one of my patrons: 2 CT tokens – Monster CR 13, Swamp Monster found in the Swamp of Oblivion between the Elemental Plane of Water and Earth. That’s all the information I have. […]

Qruaszian Scalesteeds | New Monster for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

This is a pretty neat monster request from one of my patrons: I was thinking on asking for a cool Reptile/Dino monster for my lizards to use as mounts, that would “shapeshift” accordingly with the needs (wings to fly, gills for water, etc) . As Big and Strong as possible hehe. Let’s do it! How […]

Lair of the Vampire Spawn | 3rd-Level Adventure for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Recently, one of my patrons, Travis, contacted me about making a first tier vampire adventure for his PCs. Here are the notes from our correspondence: … I guess next thing I would ask of you when ever you get a chance is a vampire lair or a cult lair. I’m thinking count strahd esc and […]

Pigpeople for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Some time ago, hags learned that basic mercenaries don’t always cut it. They’re lazy, stupid, and often poorly trained. If anything, they can be a real burden on a coven’s operation. “More trouble than they’re worth!” quite a few hags have noted. Fortunately, Mama Jeejee, one of the oldest and cleverest wart-faced witches there ever […]

10 Classic Horror Monsters for Pulp Luchador Adventures in D&D 5e

I don’t know what it is about the old pulp luchador stories and art, but I just love the stuff. The idea of a Mexican wrestler going toe-to-toe with Dracula and the Wolfman is so damn thrilling! Masks, capes, muscles–they had it all. I mean, these guys were superheroes before superheroes were superheroes. And the […]

Las Sucias for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

From Honduran legends: la sucia tells the popular story of a beautiful young woman denied marriage at the altar because she was unbaptized. She then wandered out of mind, never removing her increasingly filthy wedding dress until she died of heartbreak after her suitor married another. The story follows that she appears in beautiful form […]

Tigbanua Buso for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons

These bony, one-eyed ghouls spread a hideous curse with their unclean claws, causing their victims to transform into mindless savages at night. Tigbanua busos are a dangerous humanoid species that were once friendly and helpful but have since become one of humanity’s deadliest enemies. They are tall and gaunt (7 feet tall, 140 pounds), with […]

Shreyas for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

In the dark parts of the world where few dare to travel there are all sorts of hungry horrors lurking and waiting. Of course, the only thing worse than the monsters themselves are the creatures who’ve adapted to being around such monstrosities. Such is the case with the strange humanoid race known as shreyas. Also […]

Nookas for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Cute from far but far from cute, nookas are deceptive unseelie fey creatures that lurk in dark forests, rotten swamps, and other forsaken areas. At first, they appear to be adorable woodland creatures, but when approached, their true nature is revealed: four spider-like eyes with a massive fanged maw at the center of a ragged […]

Mudmen for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Mudmen are formed in pools of mud where enchanted rivers (even mildly enchanted ones, such as a stream eroding a magical structure) collect and evaporate and concentrate the dweomer. Because they are creatures of magic, mudmen are sometimes called dweomerlings. Mudmen are unintelligent life forces with but one goal – to protect their pools against […]