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Shark with a Knife | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Shark with a Knife There are only three things known about the enigmatic Shark with a Knife. First, it is a shark. Second, it is carrying a knife. Third, it’s Vadriken the Three-Timer’s archnemesis. Everything else is up for debate. Is it male? Is it female? Why does it have arms and legs? How come […]

Winter Wraith | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Among the most feared creatures of the north are the dreaded winter wraiths. Although the Rasgax call these creatures “wraiths”, the term is a misnomer; winter wraiths are elementals, created from chaos and cold energy, relics of the Time Forgotten. Lords of Winter. The Olyothyrians speak of an ancient winter kingdom ruled by the winter […]

Sorcerer | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Sorcerer As descendants of the dragonkin of Aegraya and the Great Chromatics of The Summer Land, sorcerers are born with innate magical powers. Of all the Chromatic breeds who propagated among humanoids, reds were by far most prolific. Tostrasz the Enormous alone was rumored to have over 100 half-humanoid progeny. The most powerful sorcerers are […]

Subterranean Drakes | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Another prolific offshoot of the great chromatics of The Summer Land, subterranean drakes (also called zogo-ba-inak by the Spine inak) are dragons that have adapted to life underground where the spellcasters of Omeria fear to tread. Although vile towards those who dwell aboveground, the zogo-ba-inak share a somewhat symbiotic relationship with the other races of […]

Dokh Nuzegh | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Dokh nuzegh (DOKE nu CHAY) roughly translates to “no magic dog” in Goblin. Certainly, the “no magic” part is accurate. Dokh nuzeghs have an innate hatred of magic. They hate magic so much, in fact, that they will run at top speeds for a mile or longer to find and kill a magic-user. The “dog” […]

Entozooze | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Terrifyingly fast and horrible to behold, entozoozes are 20-foot-long, formless tentacles of sweet-smelling sludge. These horrors slide through dungeons, caverns, and other underground lairs feeling around for organic material to consume. Their protoplasm exudes a strange magic-dampening quality that disables the magical properties of magic weapons and armor. Dungeon lords find this particularly amusing as […]

Nightmare Orb | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Nightmare Orb Taking its name from the malicious duke who created the first of them, nightmare orbs more than live up to their devilish monikers. Although they only measure six inches in diameter, the orbs are fast, deadly, and frightfully intelligent. At the Battle of Aspaeth, a single orb nicknamed Hell cut down an entire army of […]

Umbra | New Monster for Fifth Edition

The umbra are the inhabitants of the Shores of Despair in the Other and the Other’s dominant race. Visitors to the Other, whom the umbra have dubbed “Those Who Encroach”, who have met the umbra recount tales of a vile, cruel species of elf-like creatures. Hence, the erroneous nickname “shadow elf.” [su_note note_color=”#fafafa”] Umbra Medium […]

Flammengeist | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Flammengeists are skeletal undead wreathed in ghostly flames. A large halo of light and fire surrounds their heads. They are the creations of the Obelisk of Zo, made from rogue evokers who willingly sacrifice themselves to Zo’s cause. Flammengeists have an innate ability to detect creatures imbued with the energies of the Other. As such, […]

Shadow Goblins | New Monsters for Fifth Edition

Shadow goblins are goblins who were exposed to the same aberrant energy that consumed the Olyothyrian city of Ise Serin and created the arnitikos. As such, shadow goblins are mortal enemies of the arnitikos, blaming the colorless elves for their curse. Shadow goblins who procreate always produce twins. A shadow goblin’s twin is its closest […]

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