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Holiday Treants | Monsters for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Today, I’m getting roped into Christmas Tree decorating duty. That’s what happens when you’re easily a foot taller than everyone else in the household. Regardless, it should be fun. And, it gives me the opportunity to dream up yet another holiday-themed monster. I knew I’d eventually make a Christmas Tree themed monster for the holiday. […]

Gobble-lins for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Hags are unusual creatures. While they’re well known for capturing babies and luring lost travelers into their shacks, they also enjoy twisting popular holidays to torment locals. That’s how the gobble-lin came to be. Originally a tribe of downtrodden goblins that lived just outside of the hag’s perimeter, a spiteful witch named Ugly Bess cut […]

Lettuce Blights for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

The plague of the Gulthias tree spares no plant! Case in point: the terrifying lettuce blight. It may look like ordinary romaine lettuce, but once you get close enough, you immediately realize that the thing that used to be a staple of your tasty caesar salad is now a horrific creature, determined to infect you […]

Bamboo Blights for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Not all blights come from deciduous or coniferous forests. For example, the desecration of the Gulthias tree can spread to the desert and create cactus blights. There are tales of willow and cattail blights haunting swamps. But perhaps one of the most interesting blights adventurers may ever come across are the bamboo blights in Shou. […]

Pigpeople for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Some time ago, hags learned that basic mercenaries don’t always cut it. They’re lazy, stupid, and often poorly trained. If anything, they can be a real burden on a coven’s operation. “More trouble than they’re worth!” quite a few hags have noted. Fortunately, Mama Jeejee, one of the oldest and cleverest wart-faced witches there ever […]

El Arbol Morado for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Deep in the jungles of southern Alberia and the Surlands awaits something horrible. The tribal Alberians call it xochitl mayana (or the “hungry flower”). Mexjicanos have labeled this fierce creature el arbol morado (the “purple tree”). Like a massive, purple tree, this creature grows in tropical climates. And it hungers for the flesh of all […]

Tabudos for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

A popular tale among Cuzcatl fisherman, El Tabudo is also known as The Man With Big Knees. According to legend, he was once a wealthy fisherman who was one day taken by the sea and eventually reappeared as something more fish than man, his signature being his large, knobby knees. He now awaits all visitors to […]

Aluxo’ob (Heartstone Dwarves) for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

An alux (plural: aluxo’ob) is a short, stout humanoid hailing from the southern reaches and jungles Alberia. Aluxo’ob are the natural protectors and miners of heartstone (la piedra de corazón), defending the rare element and its mágico. When the Lejodores sailed across El MarQue Bosteza and conquered the Aztec nations to the north, the aluxo’ob revealed […]

Monjas Malvadas for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Not all followers of Jesucristo are good. There are those who believe that their God’s true power lies within his resurrection and that he is more of a spirit of vengeance than a benevolent martyr. Of course, an entire religion cannot be villainized because of the actions of a few extreme outliers. Regardless, the members […]

10 Classic Horror Monsters for Pulp Luchador Adventures in D&D 5e

I don’t know what it is about the old pulp luchador stories and art, but I just love the stuff. The idea of a Mexican wrestler going toe-to-toe with Dracula and the Wolfman is so damn thrilling! Masks, capes, muscles–they had it all. I mean, these guys were superheroes before superheroes were superheroes. And the […]

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